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December, 2017

Cat Got Your Tongue CoverCat Got Your Tongue, Book 3 in the 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series is now available at iBooks, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Google Play and Amazon.

When the granddaughter of one of Ellen’s friends is brutally murdered, Ellen offers Christy’s services as a detective. The trouble is, the main suspect is a friend of Trevor’s son, Sledge, and Trevor has offered Quinn’s help to find the real killer. But Quinn and Christy have other plans, so Trevor, Ellen, Roy and Frank decide to investigate. A second murder causes confusion. Frank witnesses it, but he’s fallen silent.

Has Frank gone forever? Are the two murders, so very different, somehow linked?  Will Quinn and Christy’s newfound closeness survive an investigation that has become very personal? Find out in Cat Got Your Tongue!

January, 2017

The Cat's Paw CoverThe Cat’s Paw, book 2 in the 9 Lives Cozy Mystery series, is now available in print and e-book at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Google Play and Kobo



Cover of Swept Through Time, a time travel anthology that includes my novel Ridgeway.The anthology Swept Through Time, which contained my historical time travel Ridgeway, was removed from publication at the end of January. I’m working now to republish Ridgeway as an individual book.

December, 2016

The cover of The Cat Came BackThe Cat Came Back is now available in print (both trade paper size and hardcover) as well as e-book at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Google Play and Kobo.