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The cover of The Cat Came Back The Cat Came BackBook 1 in the 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series

“I told him I wanted a divorce from Frank,” Christy said.

Quinn’s arm tightened for a few seconds before he pulled away. “A divorce? Do you think that was wise?”

She shrugged. Even though it was just a hug, she missed the warmth of his body against hers, the strength of his arm holding her secure. “I figured it sounded realistic coming from a woman whose husband deserted her and ran off with another woman.”

The Cat's Paw CoverThe Cat’s Paw, Book 2 in the 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series

“A body was found on my terrace and she—” Ellen pointed dramatically at Patterson. “Believes I put it there.”

“A body?” Christy said. “You mean, like a human body? A dead body?”

Patterson nodded and Ellen said, “Yes!”

“What’s a body doing on your terrace?” Christy asked, staring at Ellen.

Cat Got Your Tongue CoverCat Got Your Tongue, Book 3 in the 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series

When he spoke again, Roy’s voice was even softer than before. “Here’s the problem. Frank saw the murder being committed and he hasn’t spoken since.”

Roy hesitated and Quinn had a sense that his father was about to tell him what he wanted Quinn to shield Christy from.

His voice almost a whisper, Roy said, “We think he’s gone, Quinn. We think Frank has left Stormy’s body forever.”

Pretender’s GamesBook 1 in the Hearts of Rebellion Series

“Why I agreed to come to your party, Miss Tilton,” James said gently. “Why I borrowed Staverton’s snuff box so I would have a way of approaching you that ensured you would be willing to speak to me.”

“Oh,” Thea said, feeling quite silly, but wonderfully flattered. Her voice sounded breathy to her own ears. She wondered if James MacLonan had noticed her lack of composure. “Why did you do those things, Mr. MacLonan?”

His eyes caressed her face. Slowly, he turned her hands so that the palms lay upward. “I could not get you out of my mind,” he said simply. Then he bent and kissed first one palm and then the other with a graceful flourish that spoke of the Continent.

Thea’s breath caught as her heart began to pound, and a strange longing made her want to drift forever in the pleasure of his touch. “James,” she whispered.

Lover’s KnotBook 2 in the Hearts of Rebellion Series

“I do believe, sir, that you would have no difficulty winning my father over to your cause should you decide to speak to him this very morning, but I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in waiting until things are more settled here. When Thomas is safely away we will all be ready to discuss more private issues.”

The shutter closed over Philip’s expression again, agonizing Alysa as she vainly tried to understand what it was that had caused him to hide away from her. Try as she might, she could find nothing she said that was out of the ordinary. Then Philip smiled and the moment might never have been.

“I must go.” He added gently, “And so must you, or questions will be asked.”

Dangerous Desires Cover, Book 3 in the Hearts of Rebellion SeriesDangerous DesiresBook 3 in the Hearts of Rebellion Series

She lifted her chin, tilting her head in an oddly vulnerable little movement. She could not gauge the effect her gesture had on the Earl, as he, too, had his defenses well in hand. They stared at each other across the dimly lit room, each measuring the other’s resolve as the candlelight flickered eerily.

Stephanie made the first move. “I think, milord, that I should bid you good night and retire. I am wet and tomorrow—”

“By tomorrow you will have had the time to create a neat little explanation for your unorthodox behavior. Oh, no, I think not, Mademoiselle.”

Cover for Fighting FateFighting Fate 

“Are you okay?” Faith said. She leaned close to Andrew to say more quietly, “Tell Ava your last name. Quick!”

“When I am able too free myself of this insidious device,” Andrew said, his tone indignant, “I will introduce myself properly. However, until that time I will tell you, dear lady, that my surname is Byrne.”

Ava absorbed the somewhat flowery language. She observed Andrew with considerable interest. “And what is Andrew Byrne doing down here in Faith’s office supposedly rescuing birds in distress instead of being up in your office, Cody, working with you?”

   Ridgeway, one of seven time travel novels in Swept Through TimeRidgeway

“At ease, soldier.” The voice was deep, rich and resonant. There was a distinct Irish lilt in it that shivered down Jaclyn’s spine. She looked at the owner of the voice and had to resist the urge to jump up herself. Instead she tilted her head back and observed him along the length of his long, slightly bowed legs, past his narrow hips and strong chest to his face. She couldn’t tell exactly what he looked like though, because the early light was behind him and his features were shadowed by the wide brim of a US cavalry hat, circa 1860. Like the sergeant’s, it had an emblem on the front, the crossed sabers of the cavalry. She shivered. These earnest re-enactors certainly put a lot of detail into their pageant.

And they hadn’t advertised it. Was that possible?